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The Zookeepers Photo Gallery


Molly Malone's
August 5, 2000

Patrick Vernon in a very blue shirt
"Look! I played the right chord for once!"
jeffaar.jpg (20655 bytes)
Who are those people on stage? The band handed off their
instruments to friends... Aaron on guitar, Jeff Cleveland on bass.
That's Alan (who's supposed to be playing drums) with the tambourine.
And of course, Jim "Stoney" Knight on congas in the background.
Jeff, Alan & Stoney are in the band Cowspace.
Patrick Vernon and Aaron
What the hell kind of facial
expression is that on PV?
Molly's crowd
Jeff Cleveland from Cowspace
Jeff Cleveland on bass. That's Alan
(should be on drums) on the left and
half of Doug (should be on bass) on the right.
Stoney Knight
Jim "Stoney" Knight on congas.
Scott Stepakoff from Turtle Grove
There's Scott Stepakoff singing along with us.
Even the drummer passed the sticks. Alan can be seen

here playing tambourine. Must be birthday boy Kevin
back there on the skins.
Patti Ambs Spadaro
Here we've got the right rhythm section, but wrong guitarist.
Doug is on bass, Alan on drums, and HOLY COW, it's
Patti Ambs Spadaro sitting in on guitar. You may recall
that Patti was in the band from 92-95.

crazy stage
Scott Stepakoff sang a couple of tunes with us, "Bittersweet" and his song "Smell the Roses."
The evening turned into a sloppy, fun jamfest. Again you can see Aaron on guitar,
Jeff on bass, and Alan with a tambourine in the background.

CD Release Par-Tay
April 1, 2000

photos by Michele Hubbs

Patrick Vernon and Guitar The Band

PV and Alb


Patrick Vernon Smilin' Albie & Doug
ghost of PV pvband.jpg (15942 bytes)

that's a goofy-ass face

this guy must love himself to put so many pictures of himself on here pvlaugh.jpg (19878 bytes)

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