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The Zookeepers Bad Photo Gallery

Spring '98

We had a rough start this spring. We overheated going over the Grapevine (just north of L.A.) and had to get towed back home. The result was our first missed show in 3 of touring (sorry Portland!). The first photo is from PV on the ground up to Albie & Doug in Obie on the truckbed. Then PV gets to pull some levers while the tow guy took pictures. The last one shows our good fortune to break down right next to a call box.

It looks like OLD FAITHFUL is coming out of Albie's mouth. Nice photography Doug! Beautiful Yellowstone National Park, on our way to Montana.

Albie teeing off at a par 3 near Eugene, OR.

This spring we were traveling in style. We installed a TV and Sony Playstation into Obie Van. Albie & Doug are playing (notice the hands) while PV drives.

From the other angle. Looks like PV on a morning after.

We were very proud when Obie Van Canobie hit 100,000 miles.
This is outside a pawn shop near Bremerton, WA.
Doug, Albie, Patrick

Look at that classy Zookeepers t-shirt that Albie's wearing!

We took a cool ferry ride into Seattle. Obie was the first car on. So it looked like we were driving across the water. PV & Albie are enjoying the ride. "Tupie the Cow," named after our last van Tupie, got to enjoy the views, too.

Tupie is digging the ride by Mt. Shasta, which is always a highlight of the drive to and from Oregon.

Here's Obie Van Canobie!

Notice the lovely fog lights & heavy duty roof rack (where we keep the spare these days. There's also an extra gas can that sits on the back door, but we don't take that with us.

Photos from Winter '99

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