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The Zookeepers Photo Gallery

Winter/Spring '99

Vegas, Baby!

Vegas photos by Paul Boydston from SoapBox.

Meet the Zookettes!!!

That's Tita on the left (in orange) and Paula on the right (in black).

Hello Albie!

Hello Patrick! What are you doing to that mic?

Here's Charlie! With wife, whose name is Charli, too!

Above photos by Dani McGee
Taken at the John Bull Pub in Pasadena, Feb '99.

K. Falls rocks!

A great crowd at Waldo's in Klamath Falls, OR. So many friendly faces. K. Falls is one of our favorite places to play.

On the left here, it's hard to tell where the stage ends and the dance floor begins. PV & Alb are standing on the edge of the stage, and a half dozen folks are dancing on stage.

The party continues in K. Falls. On the left, PV jumped off the stage and played harmonica in the crowd. On the right, where's Charlie? Albie is on drums, looking cool as a cat, during Knocking 'Round the Zoo, which lasted a cool 30 minutes or so.

Here are our favorite bartenders (at Taylor's in Eugene, OR). On the left, Pete is ripping through some blues on PV's guitar. A regular treat at Taylor's. On the right, Justin is groovin'.

Here's Charlie!

From left to right: in the bathroom in a Motel 6 (see the shower behind?). Carrying his "rack" to the van. Sitting in Obie Van with all the luggage over his shoulder. Sitting with Albie in the Seattle Spaghetti Factory.

L-R: The band awaits their turn at the Colourbox in Seattle; friendly students at Everett Comm. College; the sun setting over Puget Sound behing the Public Market in Seattle.

Charlie & PV in the Seattle sunset.

Photos from Spring '98.

Photos from Winter '98 and Fall '97.

Photos from Spring/Summer'97.

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