PV's Rickenbacker Fight!
Ric's CEO posts to the newsgroups alt.guitar!


Summary of events. Original PV letter.
Rickenbacker's first response.
Ric's CEO responds to the newsgroup. (BELOW)
PV responds to Ric's CEO.
Ric's CEO threaten's PV.
PV responds to CEO's threat.
CEO responds to PV again.
PV posts to alt.guitar.rickenbacker.
Some of the comments from the newsgroups.

The following is the newsgroup posting that the CEO of Rickenbacker sent, without cc'ing PV.

Regretfully, this gentlemen has a little difficulty with the truth, as well as omitting certain basic facts.

First, he said during the course of his phone call that someone had been working on his instrument during which two screws were loosened or lost. There was no inherent defect in the instrument that he complained of.

Second, he was immediately offered the two screws that he requested and, in fact, a no-charge order was processed the same day that he called.

Third, he demanded in a very derogatory manner that we send him additional screws as spares. It is at this point that he was advised that these were available for purchase should ne need them in the future. Considering that this was neither a factory defect nor was there an immediate need for these extra screws, this does not strike me as unreasonable. Nevertheless, a courteous request would probably have netted him those screws.

Our customer service department, headed by Geoff, works very hard to satisfy every reasonable request and everyday they go the extra mile to make sure our customers are well taken care of. Unfortunately, in recent history there has appeared a new class of aggressive, abusive customer who immediately assail our staff and make it difficult to help them promptly.

Yes, we do subscribe to the policy that the customer is always right, but at the same time I believe this extends to people who show the most basic of common courtesy. Personally I could not bite my tongue as hard and as often as our customer staff has to every day.

Finally, I would suggest that this customer might have better luck correctly dialing his phone calls if he would use something other than his middle finger!


John Hall
Chief Executive Officer
Rickenbacker International Corp.

Read PV's response.

FYI: John Hall's email address is ceo@rickenbacker.com.

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