PV's Rickenbacker Fight!
Ric CEO writes PV directly!


Summary of events. Original PV letter.
Rickenbacker's first response.
Ric's CEO responds to the newsgroup.
PV responds to Ric's CEO.
Ric's CEO threaten's PV. (BELOW)
PV responds to CEO's threat.
CEO responds to PV again.
PV posts to alt.guitar.rickenbacker.
Some of the comments from the newsgroups.

The following is an email message that the CEO of Rickenbacker wrote to PV.

Dear Sir:

You may want to think back a little more carefully on your conversation with Geoff. As it happened, I was visiting in the next cubicle when your call came in; he placed it on speaker so that I and most of the second floor staff heard first hand exactly what you said.

This may be a very important point if you continue to make defamatory statements in public, such as you've done on the Usenet and your web site.

The vast majority of our customers are courteous and a genuine pleasure to work with. We do the utmost to solve their problems as quickly as possible and have a solid sterling 66 year record to prove it. Furthermore, our warranty rate is undoubtedly the lowest in our industry, at less than .1%, which is to say that most problems are avoided before the customer ever sees his instrument.

Furthermore, you may want to sit down with your instrument, examine it very closely again so you can fully appreciate the care and detail that it was accorded in our factory, with only your satisfaction in mind. If we weren't passionate about quality in all aspects, we'd have these made in some shop outside the USA where the labor and materials are cheaper. But heaven forbid if you were to need a part ! (Virtually every hardware store in America has the screws you need in stock.)

I don't intend to be involved in any further public debate on this matter because I feel reasonable people can make up their own minds based on what's already been said. But I assure you that I will continue to support my staff when they decline to provide "above and beyond" service to people who don't deserve it. Additionally, we simply will not abide continuing defamatory statements or publication of company documents without permission.

With best regards,

John C. Hall
Chief Executive Officer

Read PV's response.

John Hall's email is ceo@rickenbacker.com

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