PV's Rickenbacker Fight Continues!
PV writes CEO again!


Summary of events. Original PV letter.
Rickenbacker's first response.
Ric's CEO responds to the newsgroup.
PV responds to Ric's CEO.
Ric's CEO threaten's PV.
PV responds to CEO's threat. (BELOW)
CEO responds to PV again.
PV posts to alt.guitar.rickenbacker.
Some of the comments from the newsgroups.

The following is PV's response to John Hall, CEO of Rickenbacker sent by email Nov. 15.

Dear Mr. Hall:

You were correct when you stated in an earlier correspondence that you would not be able to bite your tongue as your customer service staff must. In my dealings with Geoff, he always remained professional, and even courteous, though we clearly disagreed.

You, however, have shown me no such courtesy. You have attacked my character and threatened me. You have also lied, and made it clear that you would conspire to have most of the second floor staff lie with you to corroborate that I was an abusive, agressive customer. I know you are lying because I did not raise my voice or use profanity with Geoff. I simply disagreed with him. And still do.

Congratulations for manufacturing beautiful instruments. My Rick is a beautiful guitar, and I look forward to many years of great strumming. However, I still strongly disagree with the way my situation was handled. And I plan on telling anyone who will listen to the details of the incident.

I'm sorry that we disagree. I am sorry that your time and mine have been wasted over such a trivial issue.


Patrick Vernon
The Zookeepers

Read the CEO's response.
FYI: John Hall's email is ceo@rickenbacker.com.
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