PV's Rickenbacker Fight!
PV Posts to alt.guitar.rickenbacker 12/9/97


Summary of events. Original PV letter of complaint.
Rickenbacker's first response.
Ric's CEO responds to the newsgroup.
PV responds to Ric's CEO.
Ric's CEO threaten's PV.
PV responds to CEO's threat.
CEO responds to PV again.
PV posts to newsgroup alt.guitar.rickenbacker (BELOW).
Some of the comments from the newsgroups.
John wrote:
>These are indeed standard, off the shelf machine screws. We haven't stocked
>these for a number of years, but if I had to guess, I'd say they were 6-32
>x 7/8 with round head. I would doubt that an original screw had a flat
>head. It should be quite easy to match these up at the hardware store.

Thanks for the information. Is this the same screw for my 1996 381V69? I've been to several hardware stores and have not been able to locate them. I also need the springs that go along with them. Do you have the dimensions on the springs?

Paul wrote:
>> There's been a long and acromonious thread in alt.guitar about a guy who
>lost two screws
>> from his Ric bridge and then got into a B I G argument about having to
>pay for them.
>> As far as I can tell Ric sell them for 7c each, but this guy wanted them
>for free. Even
>> John Hall himself got into the act.

John Hall wrote:
>Please get the story straight if you're going to propagate it. As a
>courtesy, we immediately GAVE the fellow the screws he LOST. We told the
>customer he had to buy any EXTRA screws that he wanted just in case he were
>to lose more of them. These facts have not been at issue by anyone.

Indeeed, please get the story straight! Ric did offer me two free screws immediately. But when I asked for 2 extra screws, I was informed that they would cost me a trip to the bank (for a cashier's check) and $5. I thought that was rather unreasonable for two 7 cent screws, considering they could just drop 2 more screws into the envelope they were already sending me. When Ric refused, I simply got their address and wrote a letter, which I also posted to the newsgroup, and on my website at http://thezookeepers.com/ricklet.htm.

I was never saying that Ric ripped me off. They didn't. They just didn't treat me like I would treat a $1,700 client. And I thought other Ric potential consumers might like to know that.

Ric subsequently fabricated the story that I was an abusive, aggressive customer, because why else wouldn't they just send the 2 extra screws? They further fabricated that I "lost" the screws. The fact is: the screws fell out while I was performing. I had not tinkered with the guitar at all. I am not a guitar tech, and would not even consider taking a screw driver to a brand new guitar that is worth more than my car. I had had a professional at Proformance Guitar in Hollywood set the guitar up (which cost over $50) just after purchase. Aren't you supposed to do that?

After the screws fell out, I tried to buy them at several music stores. Nobody had them. So I thought it was reasonable to request 2 extra screws given my circumstance, and unreasonable for them to charge me $2.50 each for them.

I did receive my 2 free screws from Ric. Subsequently, I have been to several hardware stores unsuccessfully trying to match them to get extras so that I'll be covered while my band is on the road in case they fall out again. If I can't find them soon, I'll order 100 of them from Ric and offer them free to anyone in this newsgroup who needs them.


Rickenbacker's phone number is (714) 545-5574.
Ric's CEO, John Hall's email is ceo@rickenbacker.com
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