PV's Rickenbacker Fight!
The First Response from Ric!


Original PV letter.
Rickenbacker's first response (BELOW).
Ric's CEO responds to the newsgroup.
PV responds to Ric's CEO.
Ric's CEO threaten's PV.
PV responds to CEO's threat.
CEO responds to PV again.
Some of the comments from the newsgroups.
Dear Mr. Vernon:

The manager of consumer affairs has directed your letter to my attention.

I am sorry that you feel so dissatisfied with our service, however, I also have to say that I am having trouble understanding why you feel this way. I take orders from hundreds of people each week, and none of them really seem to have a problem paying for the parts they desire. Despite the fact that at your own admission, a third party has adjusted the bridge, making the cause of the problem questionable, I have given you the benefit of the doubt and offered to replace the parts at no charge. In this way, you will avoid paying our standard shipping charge of $4.75. If you would like additional replacement parts, however, you will have to pay for them.

Unfortunately, to maintain the profitability of offering payment by credit card, we do have to instate a $10.00 minimum parts order. In past cases such as this, consumers usually just decide to add a set of strings to their order, or send a certified check or money order for their parts.

With regard to providing you with my last name, there is absolutely no reason for you to have this information. There is only one Geoff working in our office. If you would like to speak with me, or complain about me, my first name will be more than sufficient. With regard to providing you with my supervisors name, I already explained to you why I could not do this. It is my responsibility alone to deal with consumer phone calls. Complaints such as yours can and will be brought to the manager's attention as their schedule permits. I have found that if I provide consumers with the manager's name, they will usually attempt to contact them by phone, as you obviously did.

In any case, your replacement screws are on their way, and I hope they enable you to get your RIC back in working order.

Best regards,

Customer Service

Rickenbacker's phone number is (714) 545-5574.
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